Sunday, 13 June 2010 - Clickthrough Hijacking of Alchemipedia (June 13, 2010)

Google Search - Alchemipedia (on June 13, 2010)
Results from - which serve no useful purpose with the search term 'Alchemipedia' - & are thus 'Clickthrough Hijacking Pages'.

Giovanni Di Michele Savonarola Physician Italian Humanist | Blogshit - [ Translate this page ]
Francesco Redi Italian Physician Poet 16261697 Alchemipedia ... Marchione Di Coppo Stefani Florentine Chronicler Alchemipedia ... - Cached

In The Fields Of Elysium Far From Hope Italy Red White | Blogshit
NASA WISE Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer Alchemipedia. This Will Be Far Superior To Previous Attempts At Infrared Surveys The Last Time The Whole Sky ... - Cached

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